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The Unisoft CELLS WORKFLOW software offers surprisingly affordable Factory Intelligence.  CELLS WORKFLOW is Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software that tracks product, collects data, delivers documents and more.   CELLS WORKFLOW is easy to implement and you can go-live in one week or less.  As part of your evaluation we can aid you in entering one of your product routings into the CELLS WORKFLOW Manufacturing Execution System and you can start tracking product today.  The CELLS WORKFLOW software has over a 25 year track record of excellence (FDA compliant / UL and ETL certification support).  The CELLS WORKFLOW Manufacturing Execution System has powerful features for automating and integrating shop floors in a paperless environment.  CELLS WORKFLOW provides Process Control and Traceability with Tracking (product, inventory, and quality), Workflow/Routing, Data Collection, material and labor traceability on the production floor, Document Delivery, reports, etc.   PCB Manufacturing Software Assembly Electronics for EMS, CEM, OEM & ODM.

mes manufacturing execution system software product job tracking npi



The Steps

wip mes product job tracking

Easily create your production routings that specify the steps
that are used to manufacture your product in minutes.

A simple straight forward Excel route builder creates new production process
routings in minutes. Create new process routing from scratch or import an
existing process routing then modify and export out as your new process
routing. Once your process routing is created it's time for production to
build your product as outlined in the next few pictures that follow.

mes tracking software 
Above the operator  Logs In  to start the process.
The next few figures that follow show features of CELLS and these example pictures
used are for electronics manufacturing. However process is process and CELLS can be
used in virtually any industry such as medical, chemicals, aerospace, pharmaceuticals,
foods, apparel, textiles, etc. Simply display the documents specific to your products
and industry directly on to the display or in organized menus.

mes software

The operator opens the work to be performed.
Work can be open by bar code serial number,
work order, operation, defect, etc.


mes software tracking assembly inspection link documentation

The operator inspects, assembles, etc. as
directed for that step in the process.

mes software tracking data logging link documentation

The operator has linked documents of virtually any type at
their finger tips for each step in the process routing.
At each step in the process only the documents needed for
that step are made available. Pop documents automatically
to the screen display or if needed just make them
available to the operator in selectable menus.

mes software tracking data logging

The operator can log fault data, date codes, etc.

mes software tracking

The operator can breakout and track panelized units if needed.


mes software product tracking panels

The operator can add sub-assemblies for box build or remove
sub-assemblies for disassembly as allowed for that process step.


product job tracking mes software inspect assembly log data reports wip

REPORTS: Management or operators as allowed can check
 status of a unit, work order or all Work In Process (WIP) on
   the production floor. Review history of shipped product &
 RMA. Details by S/N, operator, operation, time/date, etc.

job product wip tracking

The data CELLS WORFLOW collects can be stored in any ODBC
 (Open Database Connectivity) compliant database such as
 Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, etc.

The data is open for queries such as routing progress status and
quality. Data collected can be integrated into other systems
such as MRP, ERP, etc.


job product wip tracking history

CELLS WORKFLOW can be used in all types of industries. In the
 figure above for example for jet engine blade manufacturing.


The CELLS WORKFLOW Manufacturing Execution System software has been tracking product for over a decade in Billion Dollar company's and mom & pop startup's.  At each step of the manufacturing process CELLS WORKFLOW makes the process more efficient and effective through the discipline it enforces. The system forces the workers to do things the right way. The end results are fewer errors and higher yields.  CELLS WORKFLOW Product and job tracking software is used by electronics manufacturers and other industries such as medical, chemicals, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, foods and textiles.   PCB Manufacturing Software Assembly Electronics for EMS, CEM, OEM & ODM.

Compliance - The Unisoft CELLS WORKFLOW Manufacturing Execution System software provides total traceability in manufacturing floor operations for compliance, customer requirements and regulatory standards.  Compliance to both internal or external standards is a key factor in a manufacturers growth. 

For our smaller customers the CELLS WORKFLOW Manufacturing Execution System software is very desirable for its price and performance.  For large companies CELLS WORKFLOW MES provides the performance they need to control large complex manufacturing operations.

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Contact us for an on-line demonstration offered anytime to evaluate the Unisoft software using your data files or ours!

CELLS WORKFLOW Manufacturing Execution System features:

- Real time WIP inventory tracking as well as being able to enter fault data, trend, etc.  Order Status - Deliver real time snapshot of status. 
- Tracks all work, job, or sales orders 
- Materials Management - track material usage on the production floor.
- Labor - track labor on the production floor.
- Routings - forced or non-forced out of sequence. 
- Out-of-the-box solution. 
- Go-live in week one.  
- Serialized or non-serialized lot product tracking. Even allows serialization in mid routing. 
- FDA compliant electronic data collection and WIP tracking system. 
- UL and ETL certification support. 
- Fully internet enabled - Internet or Intranet integration. 
- Open database - simplify integration with open architecture. 
- Integrate to enterprise applications - share data with ERP, MRP and other executive systems. 
- Manufacturing and Engineering Data Collection and analysis. 
- Equipment and machine data logging and monitoring. 
- Defect code logging. 
- Production Step Cycle Times. 
- Labor & Production hours. 
- Tracks sub-assemblies as well as the main assembly.  
- Document Delivery - online manufacturing documents of any type (PDF, HTML, Word, Video, etc.). 
- Multiple product lines. 
- Improve product quality/first passed yield. 
- RMA tracking and rework lot tracking. 
- Lot history and lot locator. 
- Operator can find all work on production floor ready for their operation. 
- Product traceability and history. 
- SPC Process Control, Reports. 
- Quality Defects & Trends. 
- Roving inspections. 
- Reduce manufacturing cycle time - speed of launch/time-to-market. 
- Reduce inventory. 
- Lot and batch numbers 
- Work station inventory - parts used, parts needed and stock room report 
- Computerized traveler 
- Operator qualification status - limits operator to certain operations  
- Reduce product development costs - lower manufacturing costs. 
- Improved profits - increase revenues. 
- Increase market share/penetration. 
- Work station yields and scrap 
- Reduce lead times.  
- Bar code, RFID, GPS - integration with all types of automatic identification and data collection technologies ranging from bar codes, active and passive RFID, GPS Location, etc.



mes manufacturing execution system software product job tracking


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